Collection: Hand Painted Colorado Mini Landscape Series

My husband and I finally took a vacation, it had been 5 years since our Googlecation through Colorado to Vegas and I knew I needed to go back as soon as I drove through those mountains in 2019.  We could only carve out a couple of days, but we did it and the mountains did not disappoint.  I would much rather be in the mountains than on a beach.  I love the pine trees mixed with vast open plains with the snow covered Rockies shooting up into the sky.  I can only hope that we start carving out more time so we can go back sooner rather than later.

This collection of mini landscapes was inspired by that trip.  I created the mini sizes so they would be affordable, so you could set them on your desk or add them to your gallery wall.  I even hand made and painted the frames.  Each frame is hand poured resin then painted and sealed to be long lasting heirloom pieces.

Some come with a velvet ribbon to hang on the wall and others come with an easel to set on your desk or shelf.  Each is unique, signed and dated on the backside.

I do hope you love them!