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Jenny Alexander

Original Acrylic Mini Framed Colorado Landscape Painting - #001 - Colorado Series

Original Acrylic Mini Framed Colorado Landscape Painting - #001 - Colorado Series

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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Colorado Rockies with this original miniature landscape painting, lovingly created and framed in hand-poured resin. Each brushstroke captures the essence of the Rockies, from towering peaks to tranquil valleys, echoing the majesty witnessed during my recent journey. The artwork is encased in a custom resin frame, meticulously crafted to complement and protect this unique piece of art.

Ideal for any space needing a touch of natural wonder and artistic flair, this painting not only brings the essence of the Colorado Rockies into your home but also serves as a timeless reminder of nature's awe-inspiring landscapes. Whether as a gift or a personal treasure, let this artwork transport you back to the breathtaking vistas and peaceful moments experienced among the mountains.

Size: approx. 4 inches wide x 5 1/2 inches long

Colors: Solid Black Velvet Ribbon to hang on the wall.  A Vintage Gold Patina Frame that I hand poured as well as hand painted.  The landscape painting is also done by myself.  I tried to capture the true blue sky, pine trees, snow capped mountains and grassy, wildflower open plains that we explored while vacationing near Cripple Creek, Colorado.  After I painted the landscape, I then antiqued it.  I wanted it to look like it had been around for a long time.

Backside is flat and solid black.  I have signed and dated the back as well.

These have also been sealed with a water based matte sealer.

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