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Get The Look - Watered Colored

Get The Look - Watered Colored

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Get The Look Watered Colored

Now you too can get the look that I’ve been creating for several years.  All you need is DIY Paints and a water mister bottle.

With the combination of DIY Paints and a simple water mister bottle, you can easily create the same professional results in the comfort of your own home. No need to spend years perfecting your technique, let our products do the work for you.

First use Old 57 to create a base layer of paint on the entire piece, 2 coats should do the trick.

Next spray a section of the piece with the water mister bottle, get it damp but not dripping. Then dip your brush into Fancy Farmgirl (you can use any of the greens from DIY Paint to achieve similar looks) and just brush some paint in random areas, smooth it out but not all over the piece.  You still want to have Old 57 very visible.

I let that dry completely before I add the Bohemian Blue.  Because when I add the Bohemian Blue, I use a lot more water and drips.  So you want the first layers of paint to be cured as much as possible for this.  Waiting 24 hours or more is best.

When I add the Bohemian Blue I only add a little here and there; in the cracks and crevices usually.  I dap my brush more than I use brush strokes.  I dap on paint and then spray with my mister until it starts to drip and move, then I move to the next area.  It does not take very much paint to achieve this look!

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