Join Our Team

Open your own Micro-Store inside our store; Ugly Glass & Co., without all the overhead costs.

You must hand-make or up-cycle your unique merchandise or hand-pick vintage/antique goods & home decor yourself to qualify.

    **We do not accept collectibles, such as matchbox cars, barbies and the like, at this time.**

    Ready to get an application?  Click Here

      * Space availability changes, visit the store in person to see what we have currently available.

      Stop by the store to see available spaces in person & to pick up an application: 

      Ugly Glass & Company1285 Hickory St.; Kansas City, MO 64102

      Fridays 10-3 & Saturdays 10-4

      Ready to get an application?  Click Here or stop by the store to pick up an application. 
      You can also e-mail us: with the needed items from the list below:
      • Send at least 5 photos of the types of items you will be stocking in your booth 

      • Send at least 2 photos of your display.  If you have never had a booth, please set up an impromptu display outside or in your garage so we can get an idea of your style.  Display skills are a must, but can be learned and we are happy to help.

      • Send links to business social media pages.You must have at least one business social media accounts.  You will use this to promote your new space, the store and your fellow vendors.

      • Filling out the application does not guarantee a space.

      If you do not hear from us in one week, please send us a message ( or 816-237-6974

      • It is a juried process and like items will be considered but not always accepted. 

      • If accepted you will receive an e-mail from UG & Co. with a contract attached. 

      • Vendors are needed to work for the store helping customers for 2 hours during First Friday Weekend each month.  You will be credited $20 for working a complete 2 hour shift at the end of the month.

      More Helpful info:

      • You provide all fixtures, shelves, lighting, tables, etc. in your booth.

      • You must keep it dusted, swept and organized.

      • Treat it like it was your own little store.  Change the displays every month. Vendors who restock at least once a month sell the most goods.

      • Creative, Cohesive well organized displays get the most attention and the most sales.

      • There is a 10% commission charged for all sales to cover credit card processing fees, bags, wrapping papers & etc.

      Check out our YouTube Channel for a quick video:

      And when you are ready, apply online: