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Get the Look - Copper Patina Finish Products

Get the Look - Copper Patina Finish Products

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Copper Patina Products:


Achieve the desired aesthetic with our signature look, developed through years of expertise. Now you can attain the same look!

Copper Patina is a mix of paints and finishes:

*we’ve listed them in order of application 😉 & happy to report if you are doing a medium sized dresser like the one pictured, then you will have left overs.  You will use more black paint than anything else.

DIY Paint Cottage Color - Anvil

DIY Paint - Pennies from Heaven

Pentart Antiquing Gels - Olive, Patina Green & Patina Blue

DIY Paint Big Top

First paint your entire piece black (Anvil).

Then start adding the copper, is a stippling motion like you do when using a stencil.  Up and down, changing how you hold the brush often so you don’t create a pattern.  You want this very random, only cover 3/4 of the black.

Next add the darkest antique oh gel, olive, again in a stippling motion.  Not all over just around the edges, you will cover 3/4 of the copper.

Next use the patina green antiquing gel, covering 3/4 of the green.  You will continue stippling.  If you find you put too much on, you can quickly wipe it off with a dry rag.

Lastly you’ll add the patina blue, maybe only cover 1/4 of the previous. This one you want to make sure it is in the cracks and crevices mostly.  

I find it helpful to Google Copper Patina before I start so I can see what it looks like naturally.

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