A Potter's Journey: Balancing Art, Teaching, and Motherhood - Katie Bolton's Story

A Potter's Journey: Balancing Art, Teaching, and Motherhood - Katie Bolton's Story

Maker Monday Feature: Katie Bolton Pottery

In the world of pottery, every piece tells a story, and behind the clay and glaze, there's an artist with a unique journey. Meet Katie, a passionate potter, high school art teacher, tennis coach, and new mom, whose love for crafting atmospherically fired vases has shaped her life in profound ways.

Row of Crackle Pottery Hand Thrown Crocks

Katie's journey in pottery began long before she started actively selling her art in 2017. As a high school student, she was already immersed in the world of ceramics, honing her skills and discovering her love for atmospherically fired vases, particularly Raku and Pit firing techniques. The clay became not just a medium but a canvas for her artistic expression.

In 2017, Katie decided to take her passion for pottery to the next level by making a conscious effort to sell her creations. What started as a high school hobby evolved into a small business venture. The allure of atmospherically fired vases, with their unique textures and unpredictable finishes, became a hallmark of her work.

In 2021, a turning point arrived when Katie's co-worker stumbled upon a post from UG & Co, calling for more makers, specifically listing pottery. Seizing the opportunity, she decided to give it a go. The endeavor not only provided an additional income source but also added an extra layer of fun to her artistic pursuits.

Apart from being a skilled potter, Katie wears multiple hats as a high school art teacher and tennis coach at Raytown High School. Her classes, currently focused on ceramics, reflect her deep love for the medium. Juggling between teaching, coaching, and running her pottery business, Katie embodies the true spirit of a multifaceted artist.

In February 2023, Katie and her husband Christian welcomed a baby girl into their lives. As any new parent would attest, balancing work, art, and parenthood is no small feat. Katie's pottery making, while temporarily taking a backseat, reflects the beautiful chaos that comes with motherhood. Despite the challenges, she finds solace in the time spent loving on her daughter.

Beyond the potter's wheel, Katie's life is enriched by two beautiful Australian Shepherds and a love for outdoor activities. Whether playing tennis, tending to her garden, firing pottery, or enjoying the tranquility of the lake, Katie's diverse interests are a testament to a life well-lived.

Katie Bolton's journey is a tapestry woven with threads of passion, dedication, and the joy of creation. From high school ceramics to becoming a small business owner, teacher, and new mom, Katie's story exemplifies the harmonious balance between art and life's myriad experiences. As she navigates the challenges and joys of this multifaceted existence, one thing remains constant - her love for the art of pottery.


Find Katie's Pottery on the Lower Level of Ugly Glass & Co.

Open Fridays 10-3 & Saturdays 10-4

Follow her journey on Facebook & Instagram @ Katie Bolton Pottery



Hand Thrown Pottery Vase Raku Fired

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