Why I use DIY Paint

Why I use DIY Paint

Why do I use DIY Paint ?

An old vendor from about 10 years ago, introduced me to Debi's Design Diary You Tube Channel & I’ve been hooked on anything Debi Beard since!

She inspired me to paint again, something I hadn’t done in years. Because of her I put my faith into her business and became a retailer. And it has brought me so much joy! I have met some amazing people because of it and I am honored to be apart of such a great group who lift each other up.

On top of the people is the product!  DIY Paint is hands down my favorite paint to use.  I can blend it, easily distress it, create yummy layers & best of all, I can keep working on it for days!  I can keep blending and adding to it until I add a sealer.  

We are rearranging our DIY Center, moving things around a bit and creating a fun space for you to shop and talk about paint. Our in house teacher Debbie Beauchamp has a fun free make n take scheduled for Saturday, March 4th to introduce you to our new area on the first floor.

How fun would it be to host Debi for a class at Ugly Glass? Well until that happens we have some classes scheduled with our Debbie: https://ugly-glass-co.myshopify.com/collections/classes


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