Where It All Began - J. Lin Designs

Where It All Began - J. Lin Designs

Judy Gifford started sewing at just 8 years old when she made her first dress. Today she has 4 machines all of which do something different. Judy likes to design clothes and quilts with the many English & Italian fabrics she has collected from her travels in Europe.  Her collection also includes fabrics from New York to LA; enough to fill a room!

"People don't realize how long it takes to design and sew a quilt; it truly is a labor of love. Aside from the cost of the materials it could take 40 hours to complete a small lap quilt. That is why quilts cost upward of $300." Judy explained.

On a whim in September of 2020, Judy started her business J. Lin Designs when she came to Ugly Glass & Co., she set up two different sections in her booth at UG & Co.

J. Lin Designs Handmade Booth

One area is for things she has collected for over 40 years. The other section is for things she has hand made & embroidered. 

Judy likes to collect shoes, purses, and fabric.

"I don't need any more shoes or purses but you can never have too much fabric. I see the fabric and am immediately designing something in my mind and must purchase it. (And then some!) My two favorite items to design are wool jackets and quilts."

"I like having my business at UG & Co. because Jenny and Skip teach you a lot about having a business and are always willing to give some advice. I get excited when someone buys something I have made and hope that it brings them as much happiness as it did for me to create."

"I do dabble in the auction market where I purchase some small furniture items. I have gone to a few antique stores and picked up things to sell. People like to give me things they think I can sell instead of donating to a charity store."

Judy spent many years as a union organizer and then by public speaking for United Way, that is how our paths first crossed.  From the first time I saw Judy walk into my store, I knew I knew her from someplace.  We both had worked with United Way around the same time.  It was inevitable that our paths would cross again.

"As I retired having a booth with a creative & collectibles business has been a good pastime. I can continue to sew and make a little money doing it.", she says.

J. Lin Designs offers a remarkable collection of textiles that seamlessly blend vintage charm with modern style. With her commitment to quality, comfort, and creativity, J. Lin Designs is the perfect choice for those seeking to elevate their home decor or give a unique gift.

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