Mondays Get Better with Ziegler Dezigns' owner Deanna Zeigler

Mondays Get Better with Ziegler Dezigns' owner Deanna Zeigler

Today’s Maker Monday Spotlight: Deanna Zeigler of Ziegler Dezigns

Her name might be familiar as she was with Ugly Glass & Co. several years ago when she upcycled and reimagined furniture. There’s a chance that you even bought a re-purposed oil can pendant light or home décor from Deanna in the past.  But like many of us, life got busy, she had to step away from this creative pursuit. Nevertheless, her desire to create never truly faded.

“A couple of years ago, I found myself drawn to experimenting with natural elements such as concrete, cotton cord, and air-dry clay. I became captivated by the notion of taking something raw or simple and uncovering its inherent beauty.”

“Compiling all these elements, I made the decision to secure a booth once again at Ugly Glass & Co. in March of 2022, and I must say, I'm absolutely loving it! This creative space allows me to showcase my unique creations and connect with fellow artists and enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of handmade pieces.”

Ugly Glass & Co. provides a platform for artists like Deanna to share their passion and craftsmanship with the public in person. There is something about touching, and feeling the product that you just don’t get from shopping online.  It's a place where raw materials are transformed into objects of beauty, where creativity flourishes, and where the art of upcycling finds its home.

We asked Deanna what her favorite thing to make was and she said: “This question is a little difficult to answer.  I suppose my favorite thing to make would be my macramé chandeliers. They take a LOT of time but I love seeing them transform and sparkle in the light. But in general, I like learning and trying new things. I love mixing up my booth with something new I’ve created.”

How does Deanna spend most days? “I am fortunate enough to have worked for a great company for the last 20+ years. I spend my work days calculating all the numbers and reporting on them. So, my small business is my creative outlet. A chance to put the facts and figures aside and let my imagination have free rein. “

“Having a small business is a lot more work than you’d imagine. So much goes on behind the scenes that folks don’t think about. It’s truly a labor of love. The reward is the excitement of seeing something I made (big or small) finding its place with someone else.”  I agree with you, Deanna, I love watching someone purchase a new treasure for their home that was handmade by one of our vendors, that is why I do this!

If you're looking to add a touch of originality to your living space or simply appreciate the art of repurposing, I invite you to visit Ugly Glass & Co. and explore the incredible world of upcycled creations. Prepare to be inspired!  You may also find that you have to have one of those Macrame Chandeliers!

 You will find Deanna's booth on the first floor of Ugly Glass & Co. in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, MO.

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